Southern New England Winter Round-Up -  2020 


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Southern New England Winter Round-Up

April 4 & 5 2020

West Stafford Fire Dept

144 West Stafford Rd (Rt 190) Stafford Springs, CT 06076


Fees: $50 for one day (add $2 is paying via Paypal), $100 for both days (add $5 if paying via Paypal).   Proxy base fee is $20 for one day, $40 for both days, plus $1 per model being proxied each day up to ten (10) models.  If your proxy shower needs a table you need to pay the regular entry fee. Upgrade to full tables are available for $20 each day (first-come-first-served, if available). If you are proxy showing and require a full table the regular entry fee applies. This will be available only on a first come, first served basis and will be determined only after the cut-off date for entries. Please send the $20 with your entry fee and if we cannot manage a full table for you we will refund the $20 fee on show day.

This will be available only on a first come, first served basis and will be determined only after the cut-off date for entries. Please send the $20 with your entry fee and if we cannot manage a full table for you we will refund the $20 fee on show day. 

*** If I have not confirmed with you it means you have not been given a seat so BE SURE to follow up with me and make sure I see your entry form and fee. This issue has come up every single year since I've started hosting SNEWRU and have had to find table space, which we don't really have, for those who did not get confirmation but did enter/pay. Things get crazy especially closer to entry deadline and fees get buried in paypal and email entries get lost in my inbox. PLEASE CONFIRM. I WILL NOT struggle to find table space and set up extra tables for you if you show up on show day without getting confirmation. Telling me you paid will not be good enough... you need confirmation from me that you have a seat on show day. I will reimburse you if you paid but didn't get confirmation from me before show day.  

*** And ALL PROXY showers MUST enter the show properly and pay the fee like everyone else! If you send models with a friend and do not enter the show and pay the fees like all other showers, it will show up in the results as Entrant Not Found. If I find your number in the Tag Manager and can confirm that you have not properly entered the show I will remove your model and disqualify it and will move the remaining pinned models up; which means, if your model has NAN'd at my show and you didn't enter properly your NAN card will be of no use to you as NAMHSA will never see your model's name in the results if you try to enter NAN with a card from my show without having actually entered my show. The same will also go for any TRXC cards earned. Each year I put a LOT of work and thought into putting on the best show I can for all of you... I don't feel that work is appreciated by people who skirt the entry process and walk away with awards without having paid like everyone else. And if you received a divisional rosette or an Overall Grand rosette, sash and trophy without entering the show properly I will call you out on public forums if they are not returned to me so I can in turn award them to the proper winners. Any questions about this can be brought to me before the show. Thank you all for your attention.

Sponsorship: Sponsorship options are available if you are interested. You can sponsor a single class for $5, sponsor a section (ex. CM stock breeds) for $15, or sponsor a whole division for $30 (ex. AR/CM workmanship). This helps to cover the cost of the awards for that section and your name will be announced at the show as well as printed in the show booklet (you can remain anonymous if you prefer).


(To be sent with check or money order)

NAME: _______________________________________________________________________________ REGION 10 # _________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


PHONE NUMBER: (_______________) __________________ - _______________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS:[email protected]_____________________________________

I am entering in       AR _______       CM _______      OF China/Resin_______     CM Glazed China ______        AR/CM Performance _______

                                China Performance ________________

Entry fee - $50 per day half table - add $20 for a full table. Full table requests are $70 per day

Proxy fee $40 one day, $80 both days ____________________________________

Name of proxy shower: _________________________________________________________________

Sponsorship ($5 per class, $10 per section, $30 per division) ___________________________________

Name of class/section/division sponsored: __________________________________________________

Entry fee: _____________

Proxy fee: ____________

Sponsorship: __________

Total fees: ____________

Would you like email or text confirmation of this receipt? (circle one. Please include cell # for text notification)

Please mail your entry form and appropriate fees to:

Brenda Bednar

2 Olympic Annex

Stafford Springs, CT 06076

You can copy this entry form and fill it out as a Word doc or PDF and email it to me as an attachment to [email protected]  

You can also send entry fee via Paypal (add $2 for PP fees per day) and send Paypal payment to [email protected]  

If you send entry fees via Paypal and you don't hear from me in a day or two, PLEASE, contact me. Especially if you use a business ID to send them. I will overlook payments made via business names as I use PP a lot for my own ordering, etc. This did happen to me already, luckily I was able to make a spot for the shower. I'd hate for anyone to be overlooked, so please contact me if you don't get a receipt email or text from me within 48 hours of sending it. Thank you! :)