Southern New England Winter Round-Up -  2019 


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Entries are now CLOSED. 

1. Beth Hoffert (Judge) (F)

2. Shawn Gadbois  (F)

3. Allison Herman Lavorato (F)

4. Christine Croarkin (F)

5. Jennifer Bolton (F)

6. Cassie Walbrodt

7. Elizabeth Denning (F)

8. Kc Jervis (F) 

9. Robin Briscoe (F)

10. Laura Bernardi

11. Kate Wilhelm (F)

12. Colleen McNamara (Judge) (F)

13. Victoria Wiggins  (Judge)

14. Anne Giles  (Judge)

15. Sharon Mossy (F)

16. Taylor Simpson

17. Bernadette Marie Phillips

18. Darlene Stoddard (F)

19. Renata Shura (Judge)

20. Amanda Reed  (Judge)

21. Briana Page (F)

22. Nancy Timm 

23.  Linda White

24. Terry Heath

25. Ann Harris

26. Michele Katz

27. Caprice Tondalo 

28. Shana Rodriguez 

29. Melissa Lee

30. Corrie McDermott

31. Kathie Chouinard

32. Hailie Brown 

33. Abbey Duclos

34. Meagan Duclos

35. Nancy Stocky

36. Scarlett Tanguay-Brown 

37. Jamison Glass

38. Brianna Bisbano

39. Beth Rappleyea

40. Sara Roche

41. Charlotte Hughes

42. Carly J. Kudalis

43. Shane Langbauer

44. Jade McClenon

45. Karen Lloyd

46. Anne Field

47. Ariana  DaConceicao

The last three entrants were pending, and one was having issues obtaining a tag number (not her fault).  That's it, folks. :)  Thank you ALL for making SNEWRU a great success before it even started.  Region 10 rocks!

I am forced to close the show entries early.  I'm afraid we'll be just too crowded to be able to move about. I'm closing the show at 43 entries this year. (Feb 8, 2015)  SNEWRU IS SOLD OUT due to actual physical space to be able to move about. I think next year will be a two day show.