Southern New England Winter Round-Up -  2019 


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Breed Guidelines



European Warmblood: Bavarian, Belgian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Frederiksborg, Gerlderland, Hanoverian, Hessen, Holsteiner, Hungarian, Iberian, Oldenburg, Rhinelander, Selle Francais, Swedish, Swiss, Trakehner, Westphalian, Wurrtemburg, etc.

Other Warmblood: American Warmblood, Frederiksborg, Gelderlander, Groningen, Hackney, Kladruber, Latvian, Nonius, Warlander, Other Pure/Part/ Mix

Other Sport/Coaching/Carriage Breeds: Akhal-Teke(sport type) Appaloosa Sport, Belgium Halfblood, Brazilian Sport, British Appaloosa Sport, Budyonny, Canadian Sport, Cleveland Bay, Drum, Dutch Tuigpaard, Finnhorses, French Saddle, French Trotter, Friesian, Furioso, Georgia Grande, Irish Draught Sport/Draft, Irish Hunter, Knabstrupper, Malopoloski, Norman Cob, Orlov Trotter, Pleven, Polo Pony, PtHA Hunter Type Pinto, Romanian Saddle, Russian Don, Russian Trotter, Salerno, Selle Francais, Thorcheron, Ukranian Riding, Ukranian Saddle, Weilkopolski, Wurtenburger, Yorkshire Coach, All other Pure/Part/Mix including warmblood crosses

Gypsy Vanner - GV's , Tinker Horse, Gyspy Cob, et al. of various titles. 


Pony Breeds: The Pony Breeds will be split into two divisions: 

British Pony- British Riding, British Shetland, British Spotted, Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor, Eriskay, Exmoor, *Falabella, Fell, Hackney, Highland, New Forest, Shetland (British)Welsh A, B & C, New Forest,

Other Pony-  American Saddle, American Shetland, American Show, American Sport, American Walking, Australian Riding, Chincoteague/Assateaugue, Danish Sport, French Saddle, German Riding, Gotland, Konik, Mongolian, Pony of the Americas, Potok, Quarter Pony, *Sorraia, Welara


Draft Breeds: The Draft Breeds will be split into three divisions: 

British Suffolk Punch, Shire, Clydesdale

Other European Pure Abtenauer, Adaev, Albania, Ardennais/Ardennes, Auxois, Belgian, Boulonnais, Brabant, Breton, Comtois, Dutch Draft, Italian Heavy Draft, Jutland, Lithuanian Heavy Draft, Percheron, Poiteven, Rhineland, Russian Heavy Draft, Schleswig, Soviet Draft, Torik, Vladimir, All Other European Pure Breeds

Other Draft Breeds Pure – American Cream, American Bashkir Curly-Draft type, North American Spotted, Sugarbush, Drum,

Other Draft Breeds Part-bred (Shire/Noriker, Ardennais/Appaloosa, etc)


Stock Breeds: American Quarter Horse, Appendix QH (QH/TB) Appaloosa, Colorado Ranger, Paint, Canadian Cutter, etc.

Other Stock Breeds: American Bashkir Curly (stock type), Australian Stock/Waler, Blazer, *Brumby, Chickasaw, Chilean, Llanero, Moyle, Other Pure/Part/Mix Stock

Mustangs: Abaco Barb, American Indian, *Barb, *Brumby, Cayuse Indian, Cerbat, *Criollo, Domestic, Kiger, Nokota, Pryor Mountain, Spanish Colonial, Sulphur Springs, Other Mustang Types


American Gaited Breeds: American Saddlebred, Appaloosa-Gaited, Florida Cracker, Indian Shuffler/Indian Spirit, Kentucky Mtn Saddle, Missouri Fox Trotter, McCurdy Plantation, Mountain Pleasure, Plantation Walker, Racking Horse, Rocky Mtn Saddle, Seminole-Gaited, Spotted Saddle Horse, Tennessee Walker, Virginia Single-Footer, Walkaloosa, Any Other Pure/Part/Mixed of American Gaited Type

Other Gaited Breeds: Campolina, *Costa Rican Saddle, *Costeno, *Cuban Trotter Icelandic Horse, *Mangalarga Marchador, Messara, Paso Fino, *Peruvian Paso, *Spanish Jennett, *Tiger Horse

Arabian Breeds: American, Bedouin, Egyptian, English/Crabett, Polish, Russian (Shagya and Persian go in Other Light Breed)

Part Arabian Breeds: American Anglo-Arab, Araloosa, English Anglo-Arab, Morab, National Show Horse, Pintabian, Quarab, Sardinian Anglo-Arab, Spanish Anglo-Arab,etc

Morgan: Lippet, Modern

Other Light Breeds: Akhal-Teke, American Bashkir Curly-Saddle type, Boerperd, Darashouri, Iomud, Marwari, Moroccan Barb, Nez-Perce, Persian Arab, Shagya Arab, Tersk, Turkoman, All Other Pure/Part/Mixed Grade of Light type

Spanish Breeds: Alter-Real, Azteca, Andalusian, Barb, Carthusian, Columbian Paso, Cuban Paso, Criollo, Hispano-Arabe, Iberian, Lipizzan, Lusitano, Norman, Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Puerto Rican Paso Fino, PRE/PSL, *Sorraia, *Spanish Barb, *Spanish Colonial, etc.

Long Ears/ Other Not Listed

Long Ears/Exotics: Donkey, Mule, Hinny, Onager, Poitou, Przewalski, Quagga, Tarpan, Wild Ass, Zebra, Zedonk, Zony, Zorse, Any Other Long Ear or Exotic Equine part or pure

Other PurebredAny pure breed that does not fit into any of the listed breed categories, such as Haflinger, Maremmana, Kathiawari, Fjord, Icelandic, Falabella Mini, All Miniature Horse type, etc.

Half/Partbred/Grade: Cross-bred horses that do not fit in any other category listed, as well as horses without a pedigree.

Gypsy Vanner:  The Gypsy Horse, also known as the Gypsy Cob, Coloured Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Irish Cob, and Tinker Horse

Paint vs. Pinto: Paint refers to the breed. They are of Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse breeding. Other pinto colored horses should be entered in their appropriate breed class, whether it is a pony, gaited breed, etc. This also applies to appaloosa/spotted horses. They may not actually be an Appaloosa just because it has spots, as in the breeds such as the Colorado Rangers, Knabstrup, and Noriker-Pinzgauer. Please place these in the appropriate classes as well.

Please be specific when listing your horses to be registered. In the past we have had a number of entrants put down “pony” or “warmblood” as the breed. Also, if showing a horse in a Part breed class, please put down BOTH breeds it is crossed with. Putting down Part-Arab doesn’t tell the judge what the “other part” is. Register the horse as Part- Arab/QH, or Part-Arab/Appaloosa, etc. The judge needs to have a specific breed when judging the breed classes, as one breed of pony has different characteristics than that of another pony. It is advised to provide references and photos when showing uncommon breeds. Not only does it help educate the judge to make fair and just pinning, but also helps to educate fellow showers.