Southern New England Winter Round-Up -  2019 


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6th * Annual Model Horse Show

Southern New England Winter Round-Up

Will return March 9 & 10, 2019  

(Saturday & Sunday))

Knights of Columbus

10 Meadow Road, Spencer, MA 01562

Fees: $60 for one day, $120 for both days. Proxy fee is $40 for one day, $80 for both - Proxy showers may have up to 30 models proxied for them each day. Upgrade to full tables are available for $20 each day (first-come-first-served, if available). If you are proxy showing and require a full table the regular entry fee applies. This will be available only on a first come, first served basis and will be determined only after the cut-off date for entries. Please send the $20 with your entry fee and if we cannot manage a full table for you we will refund the $20 fee on show day.

Sponsorship:  Sponsorship options are available if you are interested. You can sponsor a single class for $5, sponsor a section (ex. CM stock breeds) for $15, or sponsor a whole division for $30 (ex. AR Breed or CM workmanship). This covers the cost of the awards for that section and your name will be announced at the show (you can remain anonymous if you prefer).

Time: Hall will open at 8:00 am and the show will start promptly at 9:00 am.

Show coordinator: Brenda Bednar

2 Olympic Annex, Stafford Springs, CT 06076

Email: [email protected]

(860) 394-8197 Please no collect calls. You may leave a message if you get my voice mail and I'll get back to you.

Please feel free to email or PM on Facebook if you have any questions about the show.

Entries: May be received at any time starting October 1, 2018 until February 22, 2019  (or until seats are sold out) 

DEADLINE: February 22, 2019. Entries received after this date will be charged a $10 late fee. The show hall can only hold 45-50 entrants so it is first come, first served. There will be no exceptions due to the limited space in the hall, and we want everyone who comes to be comfortable. We will also not be able to accommodate those entrants who want to enter on the day of the show. Please indicate which divisions you are entering to ensure you will be seated near the appropriate ring(s). You will need to turn in your list of horses and their exhibitor numbers, preferably printed from the Region 10 Tag Manager Program, to the show coordinator prior to the start of the show. Please be sure it is legible and that it includes every horse you plan to show. Also, double-check the horses’ numbers that there are no two horses assigned the same number. This will prevent inaccurate results. Please read the section regarding tags and entries. 

Please register early to ensure your spot in the show. Please include the receipt form (enclosed). Make checks payable to Brenda Bednar. If you find that after you have entered you are not able to attend you can receive a refund of your show fees up until March 2, 2019.  **Note - If you prefer to register online you may email the entry form to me at [email protected] and Paypal is accepted for payment of entry fees or for making donations toward the show. You may send your entry fee via Paypal to [email protected] Your entry will not be complete until both the entry form and fee are received AND YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION FROM ME. If you do not get confirmation of a seat please contact me... please do not show up at the show hall looking for a seat if you have not confirmed with me. I sometimes do not see payments sent in Paypal unless you give me a heads up that you sent one. 

So far all my judges for performance are not planning to show, so Performance should end up with their own Grand Champions.

** Saturday 

AR Breed -                             Laura Rock-Smith                   

AR Workmanship -               Shay  Canfield   

CM Breed -                            Maria Firstenberg                         

CM Workmanship -               Beth Hoffert           

OF Other Performance -       Kate Dwyer

OF Performance Harness -  Kate Dwyer

OF Performance English -   Kate Dwyer

OF Performance Western -  Kate Dwyer


OFP Breed -                                 Marisa Spence                              

OFP Collectibility -                      Laura Rock-Smith              

OF Resin/China Breed -              Amanda Reed            

OF Resin/China Collectibility -   Laura Rock-Smith 

CMG Breed -                                Amanda Reed

CMG Workmanship -                   Linda Dean

AR/CM Other Performance -       Karen Pajak   

AR/CM Performance Harness -  Karen Pajak

AR/CM Performance English -   Marci Driscoll-Smith

AR/CM Performance Western -  Marci Driscoll-Smith


** Class placings will receive paper flats 1st - 6th

** Champions and Reserve Champions will receive Custom commercial Chatham rosette  

** Overall Grand Champions and Reserve Grands will receive a Custom Commercial Newton rosette and a gold/blue or gold/red trophy cup, respectively, and a custom designed neck sash.

NEW AWARD *** Overall Bridesmaid Award - will receive a beautiful Bridesmaid rosette, neck sash and trophy. 

CHAMPIONS/Reserve Champion: Champions will be determined by callbacks of 1st and 2nd in their class in each class type. Any horse placing 1st or 2nd for Breed or Workmanship/Collectibility will be called back with the ribbons it won.

** Overall GRAND CHAMPIONS of each division will be determined by callback of all Champions and Reserve Champions. Grands will receive Custom Commercial Rosette, a beautiful embossed neck sash and an engraved trophy.

** Overall BRIDESMAID Award -  This award goes to the person who has not received a single 1st or 2nd place in any class in their division. Their highest placement in their division must be a 3rd place. 3rd place ribbons will be counted up for each division to determine the recipient of the Bridesmaid award. If there is a tie, ALL ribbons for that division will be counted and the rosette and trophy awarded based on points received beyond the "tie" 3rd place ribbons. So hold onto ALL of your class ribbons until the end of show if you wish to be considered for this new award. It's an extra chance for those out of the NAN cards to take home a rosette and trophy. I hope you will play along. It should be a lot of fun to see who wins this new award. 

Raffle: Any donations are welcome! Nice OF models, custom models, gift certificates, obstacles, props or live show quality tack, etc., will be greatly appreciated. If you have anything you would like to donate, please notify the show coordinator when you send in your entry. Proceeds will help defer cost of the show awards and ensure the future of this show.

Results: Results will be posted to the Region 10 Tag Manager Program.

LimitsThere are no limits to the overall amount of horses you can bring, but you will only have half of a 6 foot banquet table so please plan accordingly.  That being said, the following applies -

Halter Divisions - There is a Two (2) horse limit per entrant per OFP Open Halter Classes (no buy in due to the size of this division). There is a Three (3) horse limit per entrant per CM/AR Open Halter Classes. **NEW!! In the Fantasy section ONLY there will be a FOUR horse limit in ALL divisions since this section is often very small. **  There is a Buy In option for AR and CM only; if you wish to show more than the limit in any class you must put a dollar on the table next to your model and the judge will put it in the basket or you may pay for your total of Buy Ins at one time before the show begins. The buy in is $1 for each of your horses beyond the 3 horse limit. A horse may be shown in only ONE breed class. Models shown in more than one class will be disqualified.

Performance Divisions - There is a Two (2) horse limit per entrant per class in all Open Performance Divisions. You will have 10 minutes to set up your models and props once the class is called. 


You will need to provide your own leg tags. This show is a participant in the Region 10 tag system. To get your own exhibitor number and learn about the Tag Manager, please go to  You will need to turn in your list of horses and their numbers prior to the start of the show. Please provide the list of horses for this show only. Each show will require a separate list of horses, so please be sure to turn in the correct one. The list printed from the Tag Manager program is preferred so the numbers on the tags will match the numbers in the Tag Manager program.
You need to have your models registered in the Tag Manager BEFORE the show. Results are recorded online during the show to save time so you must have your models registered before.

GENERAL INFO: This is a NAMHSA® (North American Model Horse Shows Association®) qualifying show. Any horse placing 1st or 2nd in any Open Division ONLY will be eligible to show in the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 NAN®. Please read the information about NAN tickets on the NAMHSA website: Please be advised: NAN® is for model HORSES and OTHER EQUINES ONLY. Animals other than equines will not receive NAN cards. 

NAN cards will be placed on the table with the 1st and 2nd awarded ribbons at the time the class is pinned. Please be sure to fill in the information requested on the tickets as soon as possible to ensure the proper information is retained for your records.

TRXC cards will also be placed on the table with the 1st and 2nd awarded ribbons and alongside the proper, color coordinated NAN ticket. This ticket should be filled in immediately to ensure the proper information is retained for your records. Any horse placing 1st or 2nd in any Open Division will be eligible to show at The Region X Championship show (TRXC)

Table space is limited. Each entrant will have half of a 6 foot banquet table to set up, so please plan accordingly. Some people like to have a full table and if there is extra space that may be possible for an extra charge of $---. This will be available only on a first come, first served basis. It can only be determined after the cut-off date for entries.

There will also be a ribbon recycling program. Please turn in any unwanted ribbons or rosettes/trophies to the show coordinator at the end of the show. This will help defray costs of future shows.

Multiple judging tables will be used to save time. As one class is being judged the setting up for the next class can be done on the other table. 

Classes may be split or combined if number of entries warrant. If there are too few entries in a particular class, the judge may decide to combine it with another similar class in order to warrant first and second place winners a fair NAN qualification.

LUNCH AT SUBWAY! Read below....

Subway delivers to the show hall. You will fill out an order form at the show hall, around 10 am Subway employee comes to collect them and then delivers the full order around noon time at which time they'll tell you what you owe and you can pay for it at that time. There are drinks and extras offered too, if you want bottled water or soda... or chips and cookies, you can order those too. If you don't order them but decide you want them after the order is delivered they do usually bring extra extras for you to purchase from them before they leave. Judges receive a free lunch up to $10 value. 

There will be a 45 minute break around 12:00 pm (or when it is convenient to break). At which time we will have the Fun Classes showcased.

FUN SHOWS AT THE LUNCH BREAK!!   Stock Color Rosettes given to placings 1 - 9.  Another chance to bring home a rosette!


Portrait Animals (horse, cat, dog) -  Do you have a favorite portrait animal of your pet? This is the place to show him off. Tell us a little something about your pet (any kind of pet portrait animal) Must be 3D portraits (models or figurines) with photos of the pet being portrayed. (Limit 2 entries per shower)

OCD! - Obsessive Collector Disorder! - Do you collect the same mold (known as a conga)... or collect tiny toilets, or bubble gum wrappers, or bottle caps? Anything you want to show off but they have to be of the same type. Give us a little write up as to why you feel compelled to collect these items or this mold. Bring them in and show them off. Do you collect cows? Rabbits? Cats/kittens? Dogs/puppies? Geckos? Sheep? Crows? Geese? Bring in your herd/flock/murder/clowder/gaggle.. Show them off! Have fun with it! (Limit 2 entries per shower)


Mare and Foal Sets - Are you a collector who likes to match up foals with their moms? Bring in the pair and show them off. (Limit 2 sets per shower)

Unrealistic Animals - Have a collection of fantasy type animals? Have only one that can't be shown in NAN Qualifying classes? Put him here! We'd love to see what else is out there.  Do you have carousel animals that aren't horses? Do you have a figurine that is a combination of two or more animals? Put them here. Show them off! (Limit 2 entries per shower)

Proxy showing: Proxy showing is when you are not able to attend a show in person but will be sending one or many horses with someone else. You still need to fill out and send in an entry form. Make sure to include the name of the person that will be proxy showing your horses for you. This is not optional, it is REQUIRED that if you are sending a model to this show via proxy you still have to register with the show or the results will not register properly. You need to be entered in the exhibitor list that I keep on the Tag Manager or anytime your number is entered it will tell me "This person is not an entrant".  It's only $10 base fee and $3 per model up to ten models to enter as a proxied shower. There were quite a few people last year who sent horses to my show and took home awards and yet didn't put in toward the expense of those awards like the other showers did. I personally don't think that's fair and it does show up in the Tag Manager who you are when your number is entered. So please be fair to the other showers and the show hostess and enter the show properly if you're going to send models with a proxy shower. Thank you. 

RULES: No set-ups or handlers in halter classes. Halters and bridles, if used, must be appropriate to the breed, fit well, and must be put on in a timely fashion. There will be a ten minute limit to get your set ups finished in the performance classes. 

Collectibility entries: If you want the collectibility judge to consider your model, you must provide a 3" X 5" index card explaining why it is collectible. (i.e "Breyer SR 1 of 350 made). There are so many new models created every year that it is almost impossible for any judge to be familiar with them all.

Fragile models may be laid on a towel or a piece of felt. The judge reserves the right to pick up and inspect these models.

No radios, pets, or smoking is allowed in the show hall. Please also no small children.  Bad sportsmanship and poor conduct will not be tolerated, and may be cause for dismissal of those entrants from the show hall. Please also show only your own models or those that you are proxy showing with the fees paid. The show cannot survive without the entry fees and the donations from generous people like you.

The decision of all judges is final. If you have any questions regarding your entry, address them to a judge immediately after the class is pinned, while the reasons are fresh in the judge's mind.

The show coordinator, judges, and hall cannot be held responsible for loss, damage, theft, or injuries to participants, their property, or to guests.



DIRECTIONS: The easiest way to get more complete directions from your area would be to use your GPS or go to and put in your start location and your end destination. Here are some basic directions to start.

From Sturbridge:  Head East on Route 20 to Route 49 North (left turn at light).  Follow Route 49 to its end (junction with Route 9, approximately 7.4 miles).  Bear right onto Route 9.  Go past the shopping plaza with Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Sky Buffet and Big Y (on the left), and McDonald's, Hess Gas Station, and FlexCon (on the right) to traffic light.  Take left at the light onto Meadow Road.  The Knights of Columbus Hall is less than 1/2 mile on right.

From Worcester:  Take Route 290 West/South to Route 9 West.  Follow Route 9 through Worcester (be sure to follow signs carefully as Route 9 is Highland St to Park Ave)  Take a left and continue on Park Ave (which is ALSO Route 12) until the two roads split a Webster Square.  Route 9 them becomes Main St.  Continue through Cherry Valley and Leicester to Spencer (approximately 6 miles),  Drive through downtown Spencer and continue to lights at Meadow Road.  The Knights of Columbus Hall is less than 1/2 mile on right.  Total mileage from Worcester is 10 miles.  PLEASE NOTE:  Traffic can be extremely heavy in Worcester.  It is strongly recommended going all the way to Sturbridge and going from there.

From Hartford and other points south: I-84 East to Exit 3A/3B (Rte 20). Follow Rt 20 up the hill to the second traffic light. Turn left onto Rt 49 North and follow it to the end (about 15 min travel) until you see a Y in the road up ahead. Veer right at that Y onto Route 9 (approximately 7.3 miles from the start of 49) Bear right onto Route 9 and go past the shopping plaza with Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Sky Buffet and Big Y on the left. There is a McDonald's and Hess gas station on the right at the traffic light. At this light take the left turn onto Meadow Rd. The Knights of Columbus hall is less than 1/2 mile on the right.